New & Used Products Disclaimer


The sale and use of our new and or second-hand products is totally beyond our control or supervision. We, therefore, cannot accept any responsibility for losses or consequential damage to any goods or equipment.

Limited 30-day warranty.

Applies to all second-hand products from the date of invoice or receipt, unless otherwise agreed to in writing or specified on the sales receipt and accompanying documentation. No warranty applies to some parts which shall be indicated on sales documentation and receipts on sale. Faults and problems occurring as the result of any errors or faults associated with the fitting of parts or caused by the system having parts fitted will void any warranty associated with the said parts.

Notice for Repair.

The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. Please ensure that you have made a copy of any data saved on your goods. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

Repairs & Upgrades Disclaimer

We take great care with all our repairs and upgrades but cannot be held responsible for any data loss or equipment or data damage and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for losses or consequential damage to any goods, data or equipment and software which have been left in our care or being worked on by Safemode Solutions staff or associate either in-store or on-site.

Responsibility to BACK UP all data before a system or part thereof is brought to Safemode Solutions or work is performed on it by a Safemode Solutions employee rests entirely with the owner or the owner's delegate and no responsibility will be accepted by Safemode Solutions for total or partial data destruction.

Back up and Confirm Data Integrity!
From the backup, you have just created, open some files, and make sure they are ok.
If due to the nature of the fault you are unable to back up we might be able to back up the device for you wherever possible.

If the installation of software is requested then all relevant software and its accompanying paperwork, licenses and literature must be provided before such work can be performed as to ensure the legitimacy of any proceedings.

The use of your repaired, upgraded and or new, second-hand products is totally beyond the control or supervision of Safemode Solutions and as such, all warranty's and guarantees do not extend to faults or errors caused directly or indirectly by any action or inaction, negligent or otherwise on the part of the customer. Such warranty and guarantee only covers faults occurring as a direct result of error of design, construction or manufacture